Firmware and Software Updates

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Highlighted items are latest updates.

Date Type Version Comments
28 Sept 2017 Update gui: 12-Apr-2017

head: 03-Apr-2017

tx (2020/2026): 26-Feb-2016

tx (2022/2024): 16-Aug-2010

sim: 03-Apr-2017

GUI and Firmware Release

  • Ultra High Density
  • Pipeline Mode (MultiMode)
  • TruePix™ Monitor
03 Nov 2016 Release gui: 25-Oct-2016

head: 22-Jun-2016

tx (2020/2026): 26-Feb-2016

tx (2022/2024): 16-Aug-2010

sim: 02-Dec-2015

GUI release

  • MultiSpectral Mode™, collect data at multiple frequencies in a single pass with one system for bottom classification.
  • Gui: swath coverage can be adjusted one side at a time.
  • Gui: copper-black palette available for acoustic image.
  • Gui: fixed localization issue (decimal and comma).
23 June 2016 Release gui: 27-May-2016

head: 22-Jun-2016

tx (2020/2026): 26-Feb-2016

tx (2022/2024): 16-Aug-2010

sim: 02-Dec-2015

Major firmware & GUI release

  • Standard frequency range is expanded to 170-450kHz for Sonic 2026 systems, and Sonic 2022 and 2024 systems with model 1006
  • GUI now includes ROBO Mode for shallow water surveys less than 40m in depth, simplifying sonar operation.
  • 700kHz UHR option is now available for Sonic 2020 systems,
    enabling 1° x 1° beamwidths.
  • UHR sector coverage is extended to 70°, increasing swath coverage.
  • Pitch stabilization is now supported by the Sonic 2020 and 2026 systems.
  • Steerable / Adjustable Beamwidth Forward-Looking Sonar is now
    available as an optional upgrade for Sonic 2020 and 2026 systems, allowing
    for better use of fixed sonar installations and increased control over the
  • Minor feature additions to GUI.
08 Aug 2014 Release gui: 27-Jun-2014
head: 17-Jun-2014
sim: 06-Feb-2014
Added saturation monitor & other enhancements.

  • Gui addition: Saturation monitor.
  • Head firmware addition: Head reports TX voltage difference, in dB,
    at the time of ping from user setting. Useful for bottom classification software.
    Reported in the H0_TxMiscInfo data header.
  • Increased range to 1200 metres (head and GUI).
  • Gui fix: Minor threading enhancements.
  • Minor adjustments to head firmware.
08 Aug 2014 Update Wireshark decoder update (for software developers)

  • Updated Wireshark packet decoders. Support for versions 1.12.x
  • New & improved Ethernet playback utility for Wireshark .pcap files.
05 Apr 2014 Update gui: 04-Apr-2014 Addition support for integrated INS

  • SIM-INS recognition.
  • Expanded engineering commands.
  • Minor adjustments to head firmware.
10 Feb 2014 Release gui: 19-Jan-2014
head: 16-Nov-2013-04-35-57
sim: 06-Feb-2014
Support integrated INS and Ethernet motion data.

  • Motion and time data via Ethernet with R2Sonic INS format.
  • Support for Octans TAH motion format (RS232 & Ethernet).
  • Integrated INS option.
  • Gui addition, Remote Assistance using TeamViewer (Internet connection required).
  • Additional remote GUI commands to adjust absorption & spreading loss.
  • Head will automatically detect if the Ethernet connection uses 2-pairs & drop to 100Mbit data rate.
17 Nov 2013 Update gui: 17-Oct-2013
head: 16-Nov-2013
Added bottom sample mode.

  • Added bottom sample mode.
02 Apr 2013 Update gui: 22-Mar-2013
head: 16-May-2013
sim: 08-Aug-2012
Support for the 2020.

  • Added support for 2020 (gui & head firmware).
  • Can run many instances of gui using command line switch /instance=n, where n = 1 thru 9.
  • Added Intensity Enable checkbox to Sonar Settings window.
    This enables intensity data in the bathy packet.
    Previously, required setting display mode to intensity.
14 Sep 2012 Release/
gui: 17-Aug-2012
head: 16-Aug-2012
sim: 08-Aug-2012
Support for UHR (700 kHz) and minor gui fixes.
For systems without UHR option or projector, firmware update is not needed.

  • Head & GUI, UHR support.
  • SIM bug fix, sending both ZDA & UTC time strings.
  • GUI fix, Windows 7 networking issue with two or more NICs. Win2k & XP not affected.
  • GUI bug fix, rare crash when AI enabled.
  • GUI addition, projector ID readout to status.
27 Aug 2012 Update Wireshark decoder update (for software developers)

  • Updated Wireshark packet decoders. Support for versions 1.6.x and 1.8.x.
16 May 2012 Update Sample Ethernet data for software developers

  • Added Equidistant bathy data.
  • Updated Wireshark packet decoders (new status data item).
24 Apr 2012 Minor
gui: 24-Apr-2012 Minor GUI update

  • Selectable bathymetry dot size, 1 or 3-pixels. Useful for observing AI data.
  • Updated DefaultSettingsDualHead.ini file.
  • Added response time to status screen. Useful for measuring Ethernet latency on ROVs.
16 Apr 2012 Release gui: 12-Apr-2012
head: 13-Apr-2012
sim: 05-Apr-2012
Major firmware & GUI release

  • TruePix™, Water Column, Forward Looking options
  • Acoustic imagery in gui
  • External ping sync input & output
  • Dual head mode synchronization, alternating & simultaneous
  • Single ping mode
  • Snapshot
  • Measurement ruler (Ctrl+LMB)
  • Indicators in gui echo SIM LEDs
  • Status & options view
  • GUI accepts Euro settings regarding decimal point
  • Added minimum range gate
  • Hot keys: Alt+Z = zero sector; Alt+X = snapshot; F2 = sonar settings
  • GUI accepts remote commands (for developers)
11 Apr 2012 Update Sample Ethernet data for software developers

  • Bathymetry, TruePix™, Snippets, WC, AI, Status data
  • Tutorial: Recording & playback of Ethernet data
  • Wireshark packet decoders for uplink data
  • Control and data format documentation (PDF)
29 Mar 2011 Release gui: 29-Mar-2011
head: 14-Mar-2011
sim: 21-Oct-2010
Major firmware & GUI release

  • GateTrac (auto gates)
  • RangeTrac
  • Ping sync output
  • Shift+LMB required to disable transmitter
  • RMB moves both depth gates in tandem
  • Enable/disable draggable sector