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  1. Geomatics World: “The Challenges of Shallow Water Hydrographic Surveying”

    Kate Rowlatt and James Williams discuss the Canals & Rivers Trust shallow draft MBES survey vessel in their article “The challenges of shallow water hydrographic surveying” in the Geomatics World publication using the Sonic 2020.

  2. R2Sonic multibeam echo sounders used in search for Franklin expedition vessel HMS Terror.

    In 2015, Parks Canada embarked on The Franklin Expedition: Mission Erebus and Terror 2015. R2Sonic’s 2022 (on the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Canadian Hydrographic Service), 2024-UHR (on the Parks Canada survey vessel Investigator) and 2026 multi beam echo sounder, (on the Royal Canadian Navys HMCS Moncton), were used in…

  3. Geomarine is new distributor for Italy & Mediterranean region.

    R2Sonic is pleased to announce the appointment of Geomarine S.r.l as the new R2Sonic distributor for Italy & Mediterranean region. Established in 1997, Geomarine S.r.l, as part of DIMMS Group, provides technical support for a wide variety of state-of-the-art offshore and hydrographic equipment, supported by highly-qualified specialized technicians keen to meet clients requirements and needs….

  4. Port of London Authority integrates 2024 on their new Hydrographic Survey Vessel Maplin.

    R2Sonic and Swathe Services Ltd UK are pleased to announce Port of London Authority successful integration of the latest R2Sonic Sonic 2024 wideband high resolution multibeam echosounder onboard their new hydrographic survey vessel Maplin, recently delivered by Essex based CTruk Boats Ltd. The Sonic 2024 system provides the widest selectable frequency selections of any shallow…

  5. R2Sonic participates in Normandy survey.

    2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy – better known as D-Day. The vast naval operation resulted in many vessels being sunk by mines, enemy fire or submarines. A large scale hydrographic survey was organized to map and document the state of those wrecks in the late summer…

  6. Mike Brissette joins R2Sonic as Technical Sales Engineer

    R2Sonic is pleased to announce Mike Brissette has joined R2Sonic as Technical Sales Engineer for the Americas region. Mike Brissette’s formal sonar training includes 20 years in the Canadian Navy, where he specialized in hydrography on Canada’s West Coast, a Masters of Survey Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick and a Bachelor of…

  7. R2Sonic Establishes Global Headquarters in Austin, Texas

    R2Sonic LLC, a leading sonar technology company, today announced it is establishing new company headquarters in Austin, Texas. Over the last few years we’ve stretched our critical resources as far as we can – both our employees and our manufacturing facilities, said President Jens R. Steenstrup. To keep up with global demand, and to continue…

  8. Ultra-High Resolution option for Sonic 2024

    The Sonic 2024 is now offered with option to provide extremely narrow 0.3° across track x 0.6° along track beam widths at 700 kHz whilst retaining the ability to select normal survey frequencies from 200 kHz 400 kHz. The unprecedented narrow beam widths and 700 kHz operation combined 60 kHz signal processing over all frequency…

  9. Embient Web Article: “Testimonial CO2 Leakage”

    The 2024 was used to detect CO2 leaks emanating from the seafloor, taking advantage of the water column imaging capabilities of the 2024. The article appears on Embient’s Web site.

  10. Sea Technology Magazine Article: “High-Resolution Echosounder Survey In Villefranche Bay”

    The article, “High-Resolution Echosounder Survey In Villefranche Bay”, appears in the April 2011 issue of Sea Technology Magazine where the Sonic 2024 was utilized to survey Villefranche Bay in France. Géoazur Laboratory and Cadden carried out the survey. See the article in Sea Technology Magazine.