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  1. Oceanscan Limited invests in Sonic 2024 systems to respond to customers global requirements

    Oceanscan, a global provider of subsea, survey and ROV sensors and peripherals in the marine technology sector, have purchased new R2Sonic equipment, namely 4000m-rated 700Khz Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) Sonic 2024s featuring UHR, UHD, snippets, and pipeline mode. Adil Ali, Subsea Sales Manager at Oceanscan, explained that “this investment in R2Sonic Multibeams quite simply responds to…

  2. Come and visit the R2Sonic stand J3

    Come and visit the R2Sonic stand J3 Please attend our training and demonstration sessions on:   The Integrated Sediment Profiler (ISP), a parametric system operating at frequencies between 5kHz and 20kHz and the beamwidth is ±1.5°.  9 April, 14.00pm, Ray Beverton Room 044/11   TruePix(TM) which provides highly compressed water column imagery (1% of traditional…

  3. The Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo acquires a Sonic 2024 with Multispectral Mode for research on Bottom Classification

    The Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES) in Brazil recently purchased a Sonic 2024 equipped with the Multispectral/TruePix(TM) option, as they are actively conducting multispectral research for bottom classification.   Mike Brissette, Sales Engineer at R2Sonic and expert in Multipsectral Mode and Alex Franco, Director at A2 Marine Solution trained the team of scientists at UFES…

  4. First of its kind scientific project possible thanks to R2Sonic MultiBeamEchoSounder

    With the increasing concern on global warming, there is a strong focus on methane emissions from the seafloor. Indeed, today large quantities of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, are trapped within the seafloor in the form of so-called gas hydrates, solid ice-like deposits, which are only stable at particular conditions of high pressure and low…

  5. STR purchases 7 systems Sonic 2024 over the last 18 months to

    Due to increased customer requirements in the Offshore Energy sector, Subsea Technology & Rentals (STR) have recently invested in R2Sonic’s Multibeam Echosounders (MBES). The systems were purchased through Undersea Sense, official distributor of R2Sonic in Scotland.

  6. RTS becomes the official Distributor of R2Sonic in Norway

    RTS has been appointed as the exclusive Distributor of R2Sonic in Norway. This is a significant milestone in R2Sonic’s expansion into Norway. As the Norwegian market continues to grow, RTS, global provider of subsea equipment, is the adequate partner to represent R2Sonic and provide knowledgeable and personalized support.

  7. Seatronics investment doubles stock of R2 Sonic Multibeam Systems

    Seatronics investment doubles stock of R2 Sonic Multibeam Systems to further enhance rental fleet Seatronics, an Acteon company, global leaders in the rental and sale of marine electronic equipment has doubled its stock of Sonic 2024 Multibeam Echosounders with the acquisition of eleven new systems from long-term supplier R2 Sonic.

  8. Ashtead Technology Trusts R2Sonic

    With the international Oil and Gas industry seeing some positive signs of recovery, Ashtead Technology, the world’s largest independent subsea equipment rental company, has spent $2m to bolster its fleet of Multibeam Echosounders.

  9. A Glimpse into the Life at ECHO81

    R2Sonic is excited to feature this blog from Lisa Brisson, a Senior Systems Engineer at ECHO81, a provider of hydrographic equipment and consulting services. Lisa provides a look into what it’s like to be a Systems Engineer and Survey Equipment expert in the field of Hydrography. Read on to get a glimpse into her typical…

  10. MultiSpectral Mode™ Survey Capability.

    R2Sonic has added MultiSpectral Mode™ survey capability, an innovation allowing R2Sonic systems to collect backscatter data at multiple frequencies in a single pass, with one vessel and one sonar system. Multi-frequency backscatter is an active area of research and promises great results in the area of bottom classification. At GeoHab 2016, in May, Dr. Jonathan…