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Please review the Operation Manual, Sec 5.11.2, on the firmware update procedure.

Below are key points when updating firmware

  • Firewalls and Virus Checkers Must be Disabled.
  • The Sonic System should be connected directly to the computer’s network card and all other network connections turn off.
  • Perform all updates through the new GUI.  GUI should be installed in the root directory.
  • Update the SIM box first.
  • If, for some reason, the update does not proceed as expected do not power cycle the system, but attempt the update again.
  • If the second update attempt does not go to completion, please contact immediately.

Step by step videos:

Access the latest GUI and firmware downloads below. 

Contact for a download username and password.

To access 1024 soundings per ping, Hypack users can download the software package below: