Since début in April 2009, the Sonic Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounder Systems have received acceptance and acclaim, offering truly unique and innovative technology from a broad spectrum of users worldwide.

R2Sonic is pleased to announce yet another groundbreaking innovation with the implementation of Swath Sector Rotation (SSR™) capability to the Sonic line of Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounder systems.

The Swath Sector Rotation (SSR™) feature provides the ability for the Surveyor to use the computer’s mouse cursor to change the opening angle AND, using the same mouse cursor, to rotate the concentrated beams either port or starboard within a 160° sector. As with existing capability to change the swath sector from as narrow as 10° to as broad as 160° with all beams focused in the selected sector, changes made to rotate the swath sector parameters are also instantaneous, with no data gaps resulting in no loss of survey data.

This feature allows the surveyor to easily and rapidly change the beam concentration and to take the concentrated beams, with their associated high definition, and direct them toward the feature or object they wish to map – be it vertical surface or an object on the sea floor.

In addition to this first of its kind innovation for multibeam echo sounders, R2Sonic has added roll stabilization and equi-distant mode of operation features which may also be changed on-the-fly with no loss of survey data along with an improved graphic user interface (GUI) to Sonic Wideband Multibeam systems.

The new features form an upgrade to existing systems through a simple firmware download and are incorporated in new system deliveries.