2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy – better known as D-Day. The vast naval operation resulted in many vessels being sunk by mines, enemy fire or submarines. A large scale hydrographic survey was organized to map and document the state of those wrecks in the late summer of 2013. R2Sonic’s U.S. agent, Measutronics (Lakeland, FL), provided much of the equipment required for the survey, including their Sonic 2024. R2Sonic provided an UHR (700 kHz) upgrade to Measutronics’ Sonic 2024. R2Sonic also provided survey personnel support to assist in setting up and getting the multibeam survey operations off to a good start.

The results of the survey are documented in the following television programs and will be presented as a movie to the veterans and dignitaries at the D-Day Anniversary ceremony in France (06 June 2014):

Images of some of the wrecks are shown on our gallery page, including 3D anaglyphic images.