R2Sonic LLC, a leading sonar technology company, today announced it is establishing new company headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Over the last few years we’ve stretched our critical resources as far as we can – both our employees and our manufacturing facilities, said President Jens R. Steenstrup. To keep up with global demand, and to continue to focus on our customers needs, it became clear that we must move R2Sonic to another strategic location.

R2Sonic industry-leading multibeam echosounder sonar products are used all over the globe to gain high-resolution 3D survey models of underwater areas. R2Sonic clients include renewable energy, oil and gas, construction, among other industries. Survey models are critical for ensuring the safety of offshore and shipping installations, monitoring fish habitats and archeological sites, and rebuilding after natural disasters.

Demand for R2Sonic sonar products has quadrupled in the past three years.

In Austin, R2Sonic will occupy an advanced high technology manufacturing facility in Oak Hill, which triples the square-footage footprint of their former facility in Santa Barbara, California. The new manufacturing facility and corporate offices will allow R2Sonic to continue to lead sonar technology innovation, meet growing product demand and provide the industry’s best customer service.

Steenstrup added that Austin is the ideal location for tapping into the dynamic high technology community and the world-class sonar research center at the Applied Research Labs at the University of Texas. He plans to recruit additional engineering talent in 2013.

It was just as important to keep providing our employees a great place to work, added Steenstrup. We value our team and physically expanding and hiring in 2013 means we can remain a productive, happy family.