R2Sonic, in partnership with Substructure, Inc., demonstrated the Sonic 2024 Wideband Multibeam system during the U.S. Hydro 2009 Conference in Norfolk Virginia, May 12-14.

Over 90 attendees throughout the United States participated in the U.S. market debut. Over 20 individual demo outings were performed during the conference, with several groups even staying on after the conference to get hands on experience operating the Sonic 2024 system.

Participants included multiple US Army Corp of Engineer Districts, NOAA, US NAVOCEANO as well as a broad spectrum of private survey and engineering companies throughout the United States.

The Sonic 2024 was integrated with the IXSEA PHINS Inertial Navigation System and trialed using both QINSy and Hypack software. The Sonic 2024 system was mounted by Substructure, Inc. through-hull moon pool arrangement on the S/V Orion survey vessel.

During the demonstration, a survey route was set up in the Elizabeth River which included a single survey pass under the Interstate 264 highway bridge, with an up-slope shoreline pass and continued survey out into the dredge channel. When surveying under the bridge, the Sonic 2024 wide swath coverage of 160° was selected to achieve soundings high up the bridge abutment columns. A few seconds later, the swath sector was narrowed down to 30° at higher frequency to increase soundings over small scale features along the shoreline. Once in the dredge channel, the survey speed was increased to 14-15 knots with a 130-140° swath sector to demonstrate Sonic 2024 ability to obtain a solid lock on bottom over entire swath with clean productive data, even at these high survey speeds.

During a multibeam echo sounder demonstration at industry conference, its rare to have multiple clients provide purchase orders directly from the demo boat after seeing system for the first time. Yet that is what we were able to achieve, stated R2Sonic VP Sales Cris Sabo. The system really speaks for itself. When you combine state-of-the-art technology, maximum survey flexibility, with clean, reliable data to perform a variety of jobs more effectively and efficiently, clients can truly appreciate the benefits of the system and its overall value.

For additional bathymetry imagery from the Norfolk demonstration and other surveys, see our gallery page.