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Multifrequency Bathymetry

The Multifrequency Bathymetry mode is designed for better bottom detect resolution. Layers of suspended sediment create noise that inhibits clear and accurate bottom surface resolution. By surveying at several low frequencies simultaneously (for example, 100kHz and 200kHz), users can reduce this degrading effect to get a true picture of the seafloor.

Multifrequency Bathymetry mode helps determine the unique mix of the types of sediment. This helps users anticipate potential risks, such as buried pipes and/or cables.

R2Sonic Products

We offer a simplified portfolio of 4 MBES, all with wideband selectable operating frequencies. What sets R2Sonic apart is the ability to customize each sonar with any of our suite of revolutionary technical options. You can add any of these options to any sonar at any time. You can upgrade remotely from wherever you are, whenever you need.

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