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1. Clean Data Saves You Time and Money

For example, the pipeline mode and the multifrequency mode ensure clean and reliable data that requires minimal processing.

  • Pipeline mode enables users to survey alternatively at 400kHz and 700kHz in one pass using only one MBES. This provides granular high resolution information about the pipe itself, the pipe surface, as well as around the pipe to help anticipate and quantify potential risks.
  • R2Sonic manufactures the only MBES capable of surveying at multiple frequencies (up to 5) in one pass and with one system: the Multifrequency Mode. All 5 frequencies have the same grazing angle which ensures uniformity, accuracy and precision. The intensity of the acoustic response for each frequency is different depending on the type of sediment. By comparing these different responses, scientists can build an RGB map of the seafloor, the first step towards bottom characterization.

2. Capture the Highest Resolution Possible — When and Where You Need It

R2Sonic’s UHR and UHD options are unparalleled. 

  • Ultra High Resolution (UHR) provides extremely narrow beamwidths at 700kHz — 0.3° x 0.6° (Sonic 2024), 0.6° x 0.6° (Sonic 2022) and 1.0⁰ x 1.0⁰ (Sonic 2020). These unprecedentedly small bottom footprints that drive high resolution are invaluable for detailed survey targets and accurate inspection data. 
  • Ultra High Density (UHD): R2Sonic’s proprietary UHD mode increases the number of truly independent bottom samples from the standard 256 soundings per ping up to 1024 independent soundings per ping. Unlike conventional MBES, there are no overlapping beams – R2Sonic gives you 4 times the number of independent sounding. 

3. Select the Operating Frequency and Swath Coverage You Need

Make your MBES capture the data you need.

  • Select any operating frequency between 170-450Hz in increments of 1Hz. Or, upgrade to UHR (700KHz), or 90kHz/100kHz with the Sonic 2026. Make your MBES work for you – you can even select the frequency on the fly in real-time without losing any data.
  • R2Sonic’s variable coverage capability lets you steer beams to your defined area. Select a narrow sector for increased density surveying small scale bottom features. Select wide sectors for general mapping, quay walls and vertical features. The increased angles help eliminate the need to rotate the sonar head. 

4. Use Less Space, Need Less Power

All processing is embedded in the MBES receiver, so you can do more with less. Small, light weight, and efficient, R2Sonic MBES are ideal for ROV/AUV operations. Our topside MBES is available as a small stack – the SIM stack – for easy installation in space-constrained areas.

5. Innovate Ahead of the Curve

R2Sonic has pioneered 10 revolutionary advances – and we’re still counting.

Here’s what we provided first:

  1. 60Hz broadband processing
  2. Wideband 170-450kHz
  3. 700kHz option (UHR)
  4. Narrowest beamwidths (0.3° x 0.6°)
  5. Embedded processing for lowest power, weight, and volume
  6. Scalable sector swath
  7. Switchable forward looking sonar output
  8. Integrated Inertial Navigation System (I2NS)
  9. Standard 3-year warranty
  10. Optional extended 6-year warranty

6. Learn on Your Own or We’ll Train You – Fast

The R2Sonic user interface is simple and can be installed on any computer or laptop. Set up takes just a few steps, and learning the navigation is easy – our customers are usually familiar and comfortable with the controller program and software in just a few hours. If not, we’ve got in-class workshops and hands-on demonstrations to make you an expert.

7. All Updates and Upgrades Are Remote

All options can be implemented remotely on any sonar (except the 90kHz/100kHz options that is exclusive to the Sonic 2026). Even entry-level sonars can be equipped with advanced capabilities.

8. Support is Available 24/7/365

We minimize downtime. Our engineers do all the repairs and maintenance – we know our MBES best. Support is available 24/7/365.

9. Personalized Assistance Anytime, Anywhere

We’re a small company.  When you call or email, it goes straight to our Chief Hydrography Officer. He has seen it all (almost)! You’ve got every day, all day access to the topmost industry expert.

10. We’ve Got You Covered

All our MBES series are covered by a 3-year warranty that can be upgraded to 6 years. We know, trust, and stand behind all our systems.

R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders

We offer a simplified portfolio of four multibeam echosounders, all with wideband selectable operating frequencies. What sets R2Sonic apart is the ability to customize each sonar with any of our suite of revolutionary technical modes. You can add any of these options to any multibeam sonar at any time. You can upgrade remotely from wherever you are, whenever you need.

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