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Technical Specifications of the Sonic 2020

Acoustic Characteristics
Selectable Frequencies

200kHz - 450kHz
Option 700kHz


1° x 1° at 700kHz
1.8° x 1.8° at 450kHz
4° x 4° at 200kHz

Number of Soundings per Ping


Max Speed

11.1 knots (*) for full coverage

Near-field Focusing
Roll Stabilized Beams
Pitch Stabilized Beams
User-Selectable Swath Sector in Real-Time

10° to 130°

Sounding Depth


Pulse Length

15µs -1ms

Pulse Type

Shaped CW

Ping Rate

Up to 60Hz


Up to 60kHz

Immersion Depth

Option 4000m

Bottom Detect Resolution


Electrical Interface

90-260VAC; 45-65Hz

Power Consumption


Uplink / Downlink

10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet

Sync In, Sync Out


I2NS™ Type III – 0.03°

Integrated INSDGPSRTKAccuracy During GNSS Outages
Position0.5-2m depending on quality of differential correctionsHorizontal: 1cm or better
Vertical: 1.5cm or better
~6m for 30 s total outages (RTK)
~3m for 60 s total outages (IAPPK)
Roll & Pitch0.04°0.03°0.05°
Heading0.06° w/4m baseline
0.08° w/2m baseline
Same0.2°(IAPPK, 60 s outage)
0.3°(RTK, 60 s outage)
Heave5cm or 5%
2cm or 2% TrueHeave™
5cm or 5%
2cm or 2% TrueHeave™
5cm or 5%
2cm or 2% TrueHeave™

Mechanical Specifications of the Integrated Solution

Dimensions integrated solution (LWH)

200 x 200 x 300 (mm)

Weight integrated solution (in air)


Dimensions Sonar Interface Module (LWH)

280 x 170 x 60 (mm)

Weight Sonar Interface Module


Multibeam Echosounder

Elegantly simple while technologically advanced portfolio. Four multibeam sonars differentiated by their beamwidth and range.
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  • The performance, system flexibility and reliability is outstanding. All of this along with the competitive price and prompt, personalized customer support, make Sonic systems ideal for our operations.
    — Mike Mueller, President, eTrac Engineering LLC, USA
  • The support provided by R2Sonic has proven to be second to none.  Their dedication and approach to customers match our own desires to ensure that all parties have an exceptionally good experience on products and services.
    — James Williams, Owner, Swathe-Services, United Kingdom
  • The Sonic Wideband Multibeam systems have proven to be exceptional assets for our offshore operations. We are replacing our shallow water Multibeam inventory with Sonic systems resulting in higher performance with significant reduction in acquisition, maintenance and inventory costs.
    — Pietro Basciano, Director, Geological Assistance & Services, Italy