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PROTEUS™, Map the Gaps and R2Sonic featured on Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien Watch
Integrated INSTypeDGPSRTKAccuracy During GNSS Outages
Type II0.5-2m depending on quality of differential corrections
Horizontal: 1cm or better
Vertical: 1.5cm or better
~3m for 30 s total outages (RTK)
~1m for 60 s total outages (IAPPK)
Type III~6m for 30 s total outages (RTK)
~3m for 30 s total outages (IAPPK)
Roll and Pitch
Type II0.03°0.02°0.04°
Type III0.04°0.03°0.05°
Type II0.015° w/4m baseline
0.03° w/2m baseline
Negligible for outages < 60 s
Type III0.06° w/4m baseline
0.08° w/2m baseline
0.2°(IAPPK, 60 s outage)
0.3°(RTK, 60 s outage)
Type II5cm or 5%
2cm or 2% TrueHeave™
Type III

Technical Specifications of the Sonic 2020i Type II and III

Acoustic Characteristics
Selectable Frequencies

200kHz - 450kHz
700kHz can be included
in the standard configuration at no additional cost.


1° x 1° at 700kHz
1.8° x 1.8° at 450kHz
4° x 4° at 200kHz

Number of Soundings per Ping

Up to 1024

Max Speed

11.1 knots (*) for full coverage

Near-field Focusing
Roll Stabilized Beams
Pitch Stabilized Beams
User-Selectable Swath Sector in Real-Time

10° to 130°

Sounding Depth

Up to 200m+

Pulse Length

15µs -1ms

Pulse Type

Shaped CW

Ping Rate

Up to 60Hz


Up to 60kHz

Immersion Depth

Optional 4000m
FLS projectors are rated 4000m

Bottom Detect Resolution


Electrical Interface

90-260VAC; 45-65Hz

Power Consumption

20W avg

Uplink / Downlink

10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet

Sync In, Sync Out


Mechanical Specifications of the Integrated Solution

Dimensions integrated solution (LWH)

200 x 200 x 300 (mm)

Weight integrated solution (in air)


Dimensions Sonar Interface Module (LWH)

280 x 170 x 60 (mm)

Weight Sonar Interface Module


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Elegantly simple while technologically advanced portfolio. Four multibeam sonars differentiated by their beamwidth and range.
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