Oceanscan, a global provider of subsea, survey and ROV sensors and peripherals in the marine technology sector, have purchased new R2Sonic equipment, namely 4000m-rated 700Khz Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) Sonic 2024s featuring UHR, UHD, snippets, and pipeline mode.

Adil Ali, Subsea Sales Manager at Oceanscan, explained that “this investment in R2Sonic Multibeams quite simply responds to client requests.  R2Sonic provides superb technical features and excellent quality of data, allowing customers to have more confidence in their bathymetry data and to operate with known and proven subsea technology. The units can be utilized subsea on Remote Operated Vehicles or from vessels as traditional hydrographic survey tools”.

Please contact sales@oceanscan.co.uk for quotes and availability.

About Oceanscan Limited

Oceanscan is an established leader in the sale and rental, of industry-recognized ROV, subsea, survey, geotechnical and inspection equipment offering flexible offshore equipment solutions supported by experienced and certified personnel. The company has a global reach with offices in Houston (Oceanscan Inc.) and a worldwide network of partners working closely with the UK offices in Aberdeen (Headquarters), Lowestoft (Personnel and GeoForce Geotechnical Services),  Cannock (Sercal NDT). This solid combination allows Oceanscan to offer 365/24/7 international support to its customers. www.oceanscan.co.uk