New Features from R2Sonic for Ultimate Survey Flexibility

Ultra High Density (UHD)*

Full bottom coverage. Maximum sounding density up to 1024 soundings per ping

R2Sonic introduces a revolutionary new bottom sampling mode. The implementation of this novel proprietary orthogonal bottom detection process increases the number of truly independent bottom samples per ping from the standard 256 soundings up to 1024. This is an additional Bottom Sampling mode; the user can choose the classic 256 soundings in Equiangle or Equidistant distributions, Dual or Quad mode for improved bottom sample distribution, and now UHD, which provides up to 1024 independent soundings per ping. Competing systems that increase bottom sampling density through widely overlapping beams or filter windows, produce additional bottom samples that are similar to interpolation, which does not improve resolution or accuracy in a meaningful way. Interpolated data gives the impression of a smoother surface, but it does not improve the precision or resolution, and multidetect yields noisy data sets that are time consuming to clean.



Ultimate Survey Flexibility. The next level of survey customization

Expanding on the flexibility developed for MultiSpectral Mode, R2Sonic’s MultiMode unlocks an all new level of survey customization. MultiMode operation allows the R2Sonic MBES to capture data at different frequencies, by dynamically reconfiguring itself between pings, during a single survey. Multiple distinct survey requirements can now be met with a single system in a single pass. It can be operated for the different applications below:

MultiSpectral Mode

A New Dimension for Acoustic Backscatter Data

R2Sonic now takes Multispectral satellite imagery classification technology under water. In MultiSpectral Mode, the survey is conducted with two or more frequencies with matching aspect angles, in a single survey run. Performing the survey with multiple frequencies, in a single run with a single sonar, provides huge survey time and cost savings over the traditional method of using multiple boats and surveys, and it has the added advantage of naturally matching up the aspects angles of the backscatter data of the different frequencies. This new technique is an active research domain and promises great results in bottom classification and water column analysis.


Pipeline Mode

Maximum coverage plus Ultra-High Resolution

In Pipeline Mode, the R2Sonic MBES combines the incredibly detailed inspection capability of 700kHz Ultra High Resolution (UHR) data on the pipeline with the range and wide swath of a 400kHz survey on the surrounding seabed. In UHR mode the footprints are reduced to a third of the size in normal mode to provide a corresponding improvement in resolution. The Pipeline Mode enables the surveyor to conduct a wide angle context survey in the same pass as an ultra-detailed inspection survey. This is in contrast to competing systems that essentially interpolates between data by adding more overlapping beams on the pipeline instead of increasing the actual footprint resolution. Pipeline Mode also works with dual-head systems. Increased coverage, ultra-high resolution, ultimate survey flexibility!

Pipeline mode*UHD requires the use of R2Sonic control software.
Patent Pending: 62/329,631