Innovative Technology

The multibeam world, before the launch of R2Sonic’s pioneering broadband/wideband multibeam echosounders, was full of heavy, bulky, high-power consuming sonars. The existing shallow water multibeam system technology provided less versatility, systems were limited to narrowband (single or dual frequency) operation only, had lower ping rates, and fixed swath angles (120° or 130° or 150°).  Different firmware, transducer housing types, and processors afforded limited or no interoperability between various system models, within the same company, creating an environment with no component modularity across platforms.

Prior to 2009, shallow water multibeam systems shared many common attributes including:

  • Heavy Transducers
  • Large Topside Processor
  • High Power Consumption
  • Narrowband—Single or Dual Frequency Only
  • Fixed Swath Coverage (120° or 130° or 150°)
  • Fixed Beam Widths (1.5° x 1.5°, 0.5° x 1°)
  • Lower Ping Rate (up to 50 Hz)
  • Lower Bandwidth / Sample Rate (15 kHz, 30 kHz)
  • Limited Versatility & Portability
  • Higher Cost

R2Sonic Industry Firsts

In 2009, R2Sonic introduced, to the multibeam survey world, the world’s first wideband/broadband echosounder. The many innovations that are incorporated into the system are common across all of R2sonic’s multibeam echosounders.

R2Sonic is responsible for many innovations, which are Industry “Firsts” for shallow water multibeam echosounders including: 


  • Wideband 170-450 kHz selectable frequencies in real-time
  • Optional Ultra High Resolution (UHR) 700 kHz frequency operation
  • Optional Extended Range 90/100 kHz frequency operation (2026)
  • Up to 60 kHz Broadband Signal Processing (all systems)
  • Down to 1.25cm Range Resolution (all systems)
  • Eliminated topside sonar processor
    • Embedded Sonar processing architecture
    • Lower power consumption
    • Lower weight
    • Lower volume
  • Modularity across systems platform (SIM, Cables, Firmware and in some cases same TX or RX)
  • Beam widths as narrow as 0.45°⁰ x 0.45°⁰ (2026), 0.3° x 0.6° (2024), 0.6° x 0.6° (2022)
  • Single, Dual, Quad Modes of Operation (up to 1024 soundings per head)
  • Selectable swath coverage from 10° to 160° coverage in real-time
  • Swath sector rotation ± 70° port or starboard in real-time
  • Ping Rate up to 60 Hz
  • Simultaneous dual head pinging
  • Switchable forward-looking sonar output
  • TruePix™ imagery output with up to 10,000 samples per swath
  • Built-in integrated INS (integrated Applanix RTK POS-MV)
  • Standard 3-Year Warranty (now 6-Year Warranty with service plan)

R2Sonic systems have become a worldwide standard for high performance and high resolution multibeam systems, delivering an array of competitive advantages for you and your teams. 

Learn how R2Sonic MBES technology provides exceptionally clean raw data for your projects that can increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

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