R2Sonic is pleased to announce the appointment of Geomarine S.r.l as the new R2Sonic distributor for Italy & Mediterranean region. Established in 1997, Geomarine S.r.l, as part of DIMMS Group, provides technical support for a wide variety of state-of-the-art offshore and hydrographic equipment, supported by highly-qualified specialized technicians keen to meet clients requirements and needs. Mr. Vincenzo Mauro and staff are well knowledgeable in R2Sonic systems and related ancillary sensors and software and bring an exceptionally high level of service and support to our existing and future clients in Italy and throughout the region. For more information on Geomarine S.r.l, please visit their website: www.geomarine.it, contact Vincenzo Mauro, mauro@geomarine.it , tel. +39.71.660.8346.