R2Sonic is doing it again!

  • 2017: R2Sonic launched the R2Sonic Multispectral Challenge
  • 2018: R2Sonic announced the winner of the R2Sonic Multispectral Challenge
  • 2019: R2Sonic launches the R2Sonic Multispectral Water Column Challenge! Win your favorite Sonic series!

One challenge at a time, R2Sonic is pushing the boundaries of innovation. First, R2Sonic released the Multispectral Mode that enables users to collect bathymetry and backscatter data at different frequencies sequentially. The acoustic responses of seafloor sediments at different frequencies coincide in time and space which is considered to be a breakthrough in bottom characterization research.

Scientists from six different institutions from around the world submitted their white paper for the 2017 R2Sonic Multispectral Challenge. Timo Gaida from Delft University of Technology was awarded the first place and won a Sonic 2026, system that can collect data at up to five different frequencies, ranging from 90/100kHz to 450kHz. You can download the research papers that were submitted to the R2Sonic Multispectral Challenge by following this page: https://www.r2sonic.com/geohab2018/.

This time again, in collaboration with four Universities (NAU, NSCC, USM and Delft TU), R2Sonic has collected various samples of Multispectral Water Column and TruePix™ data and we will make them available to you for your research.

Similar to the enhanced seafloor discrimination capabilities identified through the first R2Sonic Multispectral Challenge, we anticipate the possibility of improved identification, differentiation and characterization of targets in the Water Column based on the responses observed at different frequencies.

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