Choosing the right multibeam echosounder for use is an important decision. 

Buyers of multibeam products not only need to assess the technology specifications and determine those that are mandatory for successful mapping, but they also look to purchase the right product for surveyors who want to collect accurate, clean data rapidly and cost effectively.  Thus, the purchasing decision is a complex one for purchasing agents tasked with getting the right equipment at the right price.


R2Sonic Design Philosophy

R2Sonic’s wideband multibeam echosounders represent the latest in advanced modern sonar system design and architecture. Our sonars provide unprecedented system versatility, modularity, productivity and performance.

R2Sonic Advantage

One system that does it all: Bathymetry, Backscatter, Side Scan Imagery, Water Column, Forward Looking Imagery, Vessel, ROV, AUV, ASV

The greater flexibility of R2Sonic systems helps you:

  1. Achieve greater resolution with the higher frequency selections to better resolve hazards to navigation/shipping or bottom targets.
  2. Obtain better results in soft sediment/mud bottom conditions with the lower frequency, to achieve better swath and/or aide in determining true bottom for dredging operations.
  3. Achieve greater range and swath using lower frequencies in deeper survey depths.
  4. Determine and avoid sources of acoustic interference with other on-board sensors or environmental noise by selecting an alternate frequency.

Learn how R2Sonic MBES technology provides exceptionally cleanrawdata for your projects that can increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

Your Competitive Advantages Received

As a result, R2Sonic MBES sonars delivers several key advantages that give you a competitive edge: Competitive Advantages