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Please attend our training and demonstration sessions on:


The Integrated Sediment Profiler (ISP), a parametric system operating at frequencies between 5kHz and 20kHz and the beamwidth is ±1.5°. 

9 April, 14.00pm, Ray Beverton Room 044/11


TruePix(TM) which provides highly compressed water column imagery (1% of traditional water column imagery)

10 April, 10.30am, Ray Beverton Room 044/11


Ultra High Density (UHD): 1024 soundings/ping, Ultra High Resolution (UHR): beamwidth down to 0.3°x0.6° and Multimode which provides full coverage multifrequency surveys in a single operation with a single system

11 April, 9.00am, Ray Beverton Room 044/11


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*There is a fee to attend the Offshore Survey conference and Ocean Business dinner.