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Determining bottom type based on multispectral backscatter data

Six scientists from six Institutions from around the world have researched this topic thanks to the multi-frequency backscatter data provided by R2Sonic.

Surveying the seafloor with the MBES Sonic 2026 enables you to collect backscatter data at different frequencies. These multi-frequency measured acoustic responses coincide in time and space which was suggested to be a breakthrough in bottom characterization research.

In these research papers you will learn about:

  • The added value that multispectral backscatter data brings to bottom characterization.
  • The different approaches the six researchers took to develop an algorithm to determine bottom type based on multispectral data.
  • The area of this research that remains unsolved.

Get on board, don’t be left behind, get the multispectral backscatter data!
If you’re interested in collecting multispectral data in a specific area, please let us know, we’re happy to help.

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