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Industry Needs

R2Sonic technology enables faster, cleaner, and more accurate data, from planning to finish and beyond, of any building project. 


In particular, optional Forward Looking Sonar (FLS), Dual Frequency Mode, Ultra High Density (UHD), Ultra High Resolution (UHR), and single frequency TruePix™ are designed specifically for marine construction work.

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R2Sonic Products

We offer a simplified portfolio of 4 MBES, all with wideband selectable operating frequencies. What sets R2Sonic apart is the ability to customize each sonar with any of our suite of revolutionary technical options. You can add any of these options to any sonar at any time. You can upgrade remotely from wherever you are, whenever you need.

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There is nothing better than seeing it with your own eyes. Judge it for yourself. See the R2Sonic MBES in action at an on-site workshop.
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  • The R2Sonic system revolutionizes portable multibeam technology, surpassing legacy equipment in terms of both performance and physical size. With multibeam echosounders playing an increasingly important role in the survey construction market, our investments in the Sonic Wideband Multibeam systems allow customers to cover a much greater variety of applications and survey requirements. We are very pleased to be the first Global rental company to offer this technology.” “Thanks again for sending a replacement system so promptly. I am also very grateful to you for repairing the original unit so quickly. We have a lot of demand for the systems which is very positive and the sooner we can get this back the sooner we can get it out on hire again.
    — Derek Donaldson, Vice President, Seatronics Pte Ltd., Singapore
  • The performance, system flexibility and reliability is outstanding. All of this along with the competitive price and prompt, personalized customer support, make Sonic systems ideal for our operations.
    — Mike Mueller, President, eTrac Engineering LLC, USA
  • The Sonic Wideband Multibeam systems have proven to be exceptional assets for our offshore operations. We are replacing our shallow water Multibeam inventory with Sonic systems resulting in higher performance with significant reduction in acquisition, maintenance and inventory costs.
    — Pietro Basciano, Director, Geological Assistance & Services, Italy