R2Sonic, LLC (R2Sonic) was founded in February 2006 by three veteran underwater acoustical engineers: Jens R. Steenstrup, Mark Chun and Kirk Hobart. Our mission has always been to utilize our experience to bring the highest quality, leading edge underwater acoustic products to the private and public sectors, with a focus on customer needs, resulting in numerous innovative industry firsts.

R2Sonic, LLC (R2Sonic) was founded in February 2006 by three veteran underwater acoustical engineers: Jens R. Steenstrup, Mark Chun and Kirk Hobart.


  • Because we are engineers and scientists from the industry, we use our relevant experience to concentrate on designing high quality products with features that resonate with our buyer.
  • Because we have created a nimble company with a business model radically different from the industry norm, we are able to bring disruptive innovations to empower our customers to do more for less, over, and over again.
  • Because we are focused on customer needs—and not shareholder reports, we are continuously driven to provide customers with  efficient tools and features that they need to succeed innovation after innovation.

The R2Sonic Team Pioneered the World’s First Broadband/Wideband Multibeam Echosounder

From the beginning, the founders of R2Sonic have brought pioneering values to the industry.  They understood that in order to be successful in the dynamic underwater acoustics market, they needed to deliver truly innovative products at compelling value and quality. In 2009, just three years, after R2Sonic was incorporated, the founding team launched the world’s first broadband/wideband multibeam echosounder sonar. Since the inception of this technology, we have continually raised the bar for the industry in true innovation, capabilities, features, and support.  For example:

  • We were the first in the industry to offer wideband selectable frequencies in real-time, optional Ultra High Resolution (UHR), and extended range frequency operation. By eliminating the topside sonar processor and utilizing an embedded sonar processing architecture, we lowered power consumption, weight, and volume of our products.
  • We were also the first to introduce beam forming and bottom detection in the sonar head, allowing for processing to be done at the point of reception within a controlled environment, providing cleaner data, and the ability to work with much smaller signal levels. 

Each innovation was made with the guiding principle that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and be the first to create an uncontested market space while simultaneously adding value for our customers. 

The Sonic Series

The Sonic series of broadband/wideband multibeam echosounders represent that innovative spirit with unique technology. Our sonars provide superior performance and flexibility in a reliable, light weight, power efficient, and space saving package, allowing us to partner with an array of entities and institutions in hydrographic, offshore, defense, dredging, environmental, and research industries. Learn how R2Sonic MBES technology provides exceptionally clean, raw, data for your projects that can increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

R2Sonic Facilities

R2Sonic’s facilities are located in Austin, Texas. With the Colorado river running through it, Austin is known for its innovation in technology and ecosystem for success, which makes it an ideal location for R2Sonic’s offices.  R2Sonic’s state-of-the-art laboratories are well equipped with modern instrumentation and software tools necessary for the efficient modeling, development, and testing of underwater acoustical equipment.