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Constantly challenging the status-quo to provide better and new type of data and improve user experience

Our Vision is Sound

R2Sonic brings pioneering values to the industry. From the beginning, the founders understood that in order to be successful in the dynamic underwater acoustics market, they needed to deliver truly innovative products at compelling value and quality. The Sonic series of broadband/wideband Multibeam Echosounders represent that innovative spirit with unique technology that provides superior performance and flexibility in a reliable, light weight, power efficient, and space saving package through a business model radically different from the industry norm.

The facilities are located in south Austin, Texas, close to the University of Texas at Austin. The laboratories are well equipped with modern instrumentation and software tools necessary for the efficient modeling, development and test of underwater acoustical equipment.


Committed to advancing science and technology


At R2Sonic, we know the criticality of understanding our rivers, oceans and waterways. We are dedicated to not just designing and making the best MBES, we are dedicated to finding data, collecting data, and sharing data so all of us can learn more about the vastly uncharted underwater terrain upon which we all rely.


These are just a few ways that speak to R2Sonic commitment to advance science and technology:

  1. We share our data in the name of innovation.
  2. We loan our MBES to universities and researchers engaged in groundbreaking new projects.
  3. R2Sonic is a Gold Sponsor of the GeoHab conference. We also sponsor Ph.D. students who want to participate at GeoHab.


R2Sonic doesn’t just build the best MBES systems, we are dedicated to finding new capabilities, sharing new ideas, working and learning together to understand our planet. 


We remain committed to supporting the scientific community by continuing to revolutionize the industry of underwater mapping with breakthrough solutions. 


If you’re interested in MBES data for your research, please let us know. Send us an email at We’re happy to help!

Fun Project

See what happens when science meets art: mapping the Mississippi river with a Sonic 2020