Advances in subsea technology is rapidly changing the way that the marine environment is being explored in order to map, manage and defend that environment. Shallow water multibeam surveys are part of that technology involved in projects that range from dredging to habitat mapping.  R2Sonic’s unique innovation in multibeam echosounder technology provides valuable survey tools that not only provide exceptionally clean, raw, data but also ultra-high resolution (UHR) capabilities.  R2Sonic’s technology also provides the backscatter capabilities that are not found elsewhere with TruePix™ that is so valuable in habitat mapping and environmental studies.  R2Sonic MBES technology increases productivity and efficiency to get projects completed on time.

Learn how R2Sonic MBES technology provides exceptionally clean, raw, data for your projects that can increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

The Latest
  • Oceanscan Limited invests in Sonic 2024 systems to respond to customers global requirements

    by Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa April 26, 2019

    Oceanscan, a global provider of subsea, survey and ROV sensors and peripherals in the marine technology sector, have purchased new R2Sonic equipment, namely 4000m-rated 700Khz Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) Sonic 2024s featuring UHR, UHD, snippets, and pipeline mode. Adil Ali, Subsea Sales Manager at Oceanscan, explained that “this investment in R2Sonic Multibeams quite simply responds to…

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  • Come and visit the R2Sonic stand J3

    by Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa February 18, 2019

    Come and visit the R2Sonic stand J3 Please attend our training and demonstration sessions on:   The Integrated Sediment Profiler (ISP), a parametric system operating at frequencies between 5kHz and 20kHz and the beamwidth is ±1.5°.  9 April, 14.00pm, Ray Beverton Room 044/11   TruePix(TM) which provides highly compressed water column imagery (1% of traditional…

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  • The Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo acquires a Sonic 2024 with Multispectral Mode for research on Bottom Classification

    by Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa September 26, 2018

    The Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES) in Brazil recently purchased a Sonic 2024 equipped with the Multispectral/TruePix(TM) option, as they are actively conducting multispectral research for bottom classification.   Mike Brissette, Sales Engineer at R2Sonic and expert in Multipsectral Mode and Alex Franco, Director at A2 Marine Solution trained the team of scientists at UFES…

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    “The Sonic 2024 Wideband Multibeam Echosounder was quick and simple to integrate into our AUVs and along with the accuracy and stability of an AUV platform produced excellent results. The ease of integration, reliability, quality and resolution, increased useable swath coverage and low power consumption makes the system a suitable replacement for ageing AUV Multibeam systems.”
    - Paul Nicholson, Geosurvey Manager
    “Speedy delivery is essential to us. Thanks a lot for your excellent service and understanding of our situation.”
    - Bente Rosell Rask, Account Manager, Rental & Personnel
    “We have used the Sonic 2024 for surveying a rocky slope in the Brest Port, for which reference terrestrial laser scanner data is available. We found the Sonic 2024 returned exceptionally clean data, even on difficult seabed such as dumped rocks. We think this system will dramatically decrease the data cleaning effort for digital terrain models production.”
    - Nathalie Debese, ENSIETA
    “Thank you for your fantastic back up service.”
    - Clint Marx, Owner, LM Surveys,
    “The support provided by R2SONIC has proven to be second to none. Their dedication and approach to customers match our own desires to ensure that all parties have an exceptionally good experience on products and service.”
    - James Williams, Owner, Swathe-Services