R2Sonic News

MultiSpectral Mode™ Survey Capability.

3 Nov 2016


R2Sonic has added MultiSpectral Mode™ survey capability, an innovation allowing R2Sonic systems to collect backscatter data at multiple frequencies in a single pass, with one vessel and one sonar system. Multi-frequency backscatter is an active area of research and promises great results in the area of bottom classification.

At GeoHab 2016, in May, Dr. Jonathan Beaudoin, Chief Scientist at QPS, and Dr. Craig Brown, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Integrated Ocean Mapping Technologies at Nova Scotia Community College, presented the first results of using this mode with the Sonic 2026 in Bedford Basin, near Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition to high-resolution 3D bathymetry, the Sonic 2026 (with Low Frequency option) also collected backscatter Snippets at 100kHz, 200kHz and 400kHz. MultiSpectral Mode™ accomplishes all of this in a single pass, drastically reducing survey time and eliminating any artifacts from environmental variables that might change between separate surveys.

"We now have a purpose-built surficial geology and habitat mapping sonar, giving us the opportunity to use the multi-frequency capability for accurate identification and segmentation of seafloor features of interest and opportunities to explore new segmentation routines" stated Dr. Brown. Potential uses include efficient mapping of seafloor characteristics, bottom type discrimination and feature identification, as well as habitat mapping for environmental applications.

In addition to the traditional Snippet data format, all R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders also support TruePix™. TruePix™ is an improved backscatter format that is generated independently from the multibeam bottom detect, like digital side scan. Unlike Snippets, TruePix™ assembles the imagery record with one sample per range bin per side. There are no overlapping data pieces to be merged and reduced into a single record, which produces uniform quality data and also reduces file sizes. TruePix™ can also record the angle associated with each imagery point, whereas Snippets only reports the angle of the center point of each Snippet. This increases the number of angular measurements by an order of magnitude or more, for finer backscatter and bathymetry co-registration.

Echo81 is R2Sonic's new value added reseller for the Americas region.

24 Aug 2016


R2Sonic is pleased to announce Echo81, LLC as R2Sonic's new value added reseller for the Americas. ECHO81 (Equipment and Consulting for Hydrographic Operations) brings a wealth of survey and support experience to the R2Sonic team as a solutions provider in the marine industry. Damon A. Wolfe, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, is the founder and Director of ECHO81, LLC. Wolfe's career in the hydrographic industry began with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Jacksonville, Florida. He served as the technical lead for a variety of surveying and remote sensing projects gaining expertise in hydrographic, topographic, and geodetic surveying and photogrammetry. Wolfe oversees all business aspects of ECHO81, providing exceptional and innovative solutions and services to the hydrographic community.

Also on the Echo81 team, is Lisa N. Brisson, Senior Systems Engineer at ECHO81, LLC. Brisson is responsible for the design and management of new systems, as well as maintaining customer requirements and projects. She has extensive knowledge of logistics, hardware and software design, systems integration, calibration, and field deployment of underwater sonar systems. She has conducted over 600 bathymetric surveys with various pieces of equipment, from multibeam echo sounders to inertial navigation systems, and everything in between.

ECHO81's priority is complete customer satisfaction from equipment sales and consulting to standard and custom installations. Additional services include hardware and software training and technical support for any and all survey equipment. For more information, please visit their website at www.echo81.com, email damon.wolfe@echo81.com or call +1-352-240-5835.

Swathe Services to run HYPACK and HYSWEEP Multi-Beam Sonar Training Week in September 2016.

23 Aug 2016

Swathe Services have recently announced that they will be running their annual HYPACK and HYSWEEP multi-beam sonar training course from Monday, 19th September, to Friday, 23rd September 2016. This course is open to surveyors that would like to receive comprehensive training in installation, calibration, data acquisition and post-processing.

Delegates will spend time learning practical skills on board the MV Tiger Lily, which will be based at Mylor Yacht Harbour. They will learn how to use the R2Sonic 2022 MBES with Truepix™ and UHR 700 kHz, SBG Systems APOGEE-U, Valeport MiniSVS and SWiFT SVP. There will also be a period of time in a classroom environment, so that delegates can become proficient with HYPACK and HYSWEEP. Joe Burnett from HYPACK will be travelling to the UK to run the training with James Williams from Swathe Services. Joe has over 15 years of experience with multi-beam systems. He will share tips on best practice and discuss common pitfalls. By the end of the training, delegates will be proficient with offsets, patch test routines, interfacing, calibration and online QC.

The course costs £1950 excluding VAT. Lunch and a variety of refreshments will be provided. Previous feedback has indicated that delegates really value the opportunity to chat to others and share experiences. Therefore, Swathe Services has planned three social events to enable delegates to get together outside of the formal learning environment.

  1. There will be a trip to a hidden supper club in St Ives. This trip has been kindly sponsored by Valeport.
  2. There will also be a tour of Skinners Brewery which will include samples of Cornish ale and pasties for all. This event has been sponsored by MSDS Marine.
  3. Finally, there will be an evening out in the cathedral city of Truro with a three course meal at Bustopher's restaurant.

Please contact Rebecca at +44 (1872) 275642 or rebecca.tidy@swathe-services.com if you would like to book a spot or find out more about the course.

Geomatics World: "The Challenges of Shallow Water Hydrographic Surveying"

May 2016

Kate Rowlatt and James Williams discuss the Canals & Rivers Trust shallow draft MBES survey vessel in their article "The challenges of shallow water hydrographic surveying" in the Geomatics World publication using the Sonic 2020.

R2Sonic multibeam echo sounders used in search for Franklin expedition vessel HMS Terror.

8 April 2016

In 2015, Parks Canada embarked on The Franklin Expedition: Mission Erebus and Terror 2015. R2Sonic's 2022 (on the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Canadian Hydrographic Service), 2024-UHR (on the Parks Canada survey vessel Investigator) and 2026 multi beam echo sounder, (on the Royal Canadian Navys HMCS Moncton), were used in the two week mission in 2015. The devices not only provided high-quality multibeam data that supported the ongoing search for the still unaccounted for Franklin Expedition vessel HMS Terror, but also gathered data suitable for use in charting within high priority navigation corridors in Victoria Strait according to Canadian Hydrographic Service standards.

In this article, featured in the April 2016 issue of Hydro International, Mike Brissett of R2Sonic, LLC and Tim Janzen of the Canadian Hydrographic Service discuss the knowledge gained and multiple uses of the data collected for hydrographic products that allow safe and efficient navigation in these corridors and toward the conclusion of verifying where HMS Terror is not located.

Port of London Authority integrates 2024 on their new Hydrographic Survey Vessel Maplin.

10 March 2016


R2Sonic and Swathe Services Ltd UK are pleased to announce Port of London Authority successful integration of the latest R2Sonic Sonic 2024 wideband high resolution multibeam echosounder onboard their new hydrographic survey vessel Maplin, recently delivered by Essex based CTruk Boats Ltd.

The Sonic 2024 system provides the widest selectable frequency selections of any shallow water multibeam echosounder, including ultra-high resolution (UHR) 700 kHz to satisfy the PLAs particular interest in structural monitoring along with other bathymetry applications.

John Pinder, Port of London Authority Hydrographer said: "We look after 400 square miles of the Tidal Thames, surveying depths from bank to bank and structures in and along the river. Our investment in the Sonic 2024 multibeam echosounder and our newly launched Maplin, will give greater efficiencies and flexibility, as well as providing higher resolution surveys for the Port of London and our customers".

Demonstrations of the Port of London Authority Sonic 2024 system onboard their new hydrographic survey vessel, Maplin, were held during the OI 2016 Conference.

Geomarine is new distributor for Italy & Mediterranean region.

4 June 2015

R2Sonic is pleased to announce the appointment of Geomarine S.r.l as the new R2Sonic distributor for Italy & Mediterranean region. Established in 1997, Geomarine S.r.l, as part of DIMMS Group, provides technical support for a wide variety of state-of-the-art offshore and hydrographic equipment, supported by highly-qualified specialized technicians keen to meet clients requirements and needs. Mr. Vincenzo Mauro and staff are well knowledgeable in R2Sonic systems and related ancillary sensors and software and bring an exceptionally high level of service and support to our existing and future clients in Italy and throughout the region. For more information on Geomarine S.r.l, please visit their website: www.geomarine.it, contact Vincenzo Mauro, mauro@geomarine.it , tel. +39.71.660.8346.

R2Sonic participates in Normandy survey.

5 June 2014

2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy - better known as D-Day. The vast naval operation resulted in many vessels being sunk by mines, enemy fire or submarines. A large scale hydrographic survey was organized to map and document the state of those wrecks in the late summer of 2013. R2Sonic's U.S. agent, Measutronics (Lakeland, FL), provided much of the equipment required for the survey, including their Sonic 2024. R2Sonic provided an UHR (700 kHz) upgrade to Measutronics' Sonic 2024. R2Sonic also provided survey personnel support to assist in setting up and getting the multibeam survey operations off to a good start.

The results of the survey are documented in the following television programs and will be presented as a movie to the veterans and dignitaries at the D-Day Anniversary ceremony in France (06 June 2014):

US: NOVA (PBS) "D-Day's Sunken Secrets" 2 hours
UK: Channel 5 "D-Day's Sunken Secrets" 1 hour and very different from the NOVA program of the same name
France: "Opération D-Day La cartographie des épaves du débarquement"

Images of some of the wrecks are shown on our gallery page, including 3D anaglyphic images.

Mike Brissette joins R2Sonic as Technical Sales Engineer

August 1, 2013


R2Sonic is pleased to announce Mike Brissette has joined R2Sonic as Technical Sales Engineer for the Americas region.

Mike Brissette's formal sonar training includes 20 years in the Canadian Navy, where he specialized in hydrography on Canada's West Coast, a Masters of Survey Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from College Militaire Royal de St. Jean in Quebec.

In 2004, Mike co-founded MosiacHydro Ltd, an international consulting and training company specializing in hands-on and comprehensive training services in the installation and operation of side scan and multibeam echo sounders, peripheral sensors and survey software including: QPS IVS Fledermaus, QPS QINSy, Caris HIPS/SIPS, Hypack/Hysweep, Applanix POSPac MMS, and Chesapeake SonarWiz.

In addition to Technical Sales, Mike will have an active role supporting the R2Sonic Training Team.

Mike brings considerable knowledge and experience to R2Sonic, providing high level of expertise and value support to R2Sonic customers throughout the region.

R2Sonic Establishes Global Headquarters in Austin, Texas

20 March 2013

R2Sonic LLC, a leading sonar technology company, today announced it is establishing new company headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Over the last few years we've stretched our critical resources as far as we can - both our employees and our manufacturing facilities, said President Jens R. Steenstrup. To keep up with global demand, and to continue to focus on our customers needs, it became clear that we must move R2Sonic to another strategic location.

R2Sonic industry-leading multibeam echosounder sonar products are used all over the globe to gain high-resolution 3D survey models of underwater areas. R2Sonic clients include renewable energy, oil and gas, construction, among other industries. Survey models are critical for ensuring the safety of offshore and shipping installations, monitoring fish habitats and archeological sites, and rebuilding after natural disasters.

Demand for R2Sonic sonar products has quadrupled in the past three years.

In Austin, R2Sonic will occupy an advanced high technology manufacturing facility in Oak Hill, which triples the square-footage footprint of their former facility in Santa Barbara, California. The new manufacturing facility and corporate offices will allow R2Sonic to continue to lead sonar technology innovation, meet growing product demand and provide the industry's best customer service.

Steenstrup added that Austin is the ideal location for tapping into the dynamic high technology community and the world-class sonar research center at the Applied Research Labs at the University of Texas. He plans to recruit additional engineering talent in 2013.

It was just as important to keep providing our employees a great place to work, added Steenstrup. We value our team and physically expanding and hiring in 2013 means we can remain a productive, happy family.

Ultra-High Resolution option for Sonic 2024

16 April 2012

The Sonic 2024 is now offered with option to provide extremely narrow 0.3° across track x 0.6° along track beam widths at 700 kHz whilst retaining the ability to select normal survey frequencies from 200 kHz 400 kHz.

The unprecedented narrow beam widths and 700 kHz operation combined 60 kHz signal processing over all frequency ranges provide the highest resolution available for any commercial shallow water multibeam echo sounder and make this option invaluable for detail offshore site survey such as pipeline inspections, cable laying operations or other micro bathymetry applications.

The Ultra-High Resolution option for Sonic 2024 offers outstanding value and is available for new system purchases or for existing customer unit through an additional projector and firmware upgrade.

Embient Web Article: "Testimonial CO2 Leakage"

October 2011

The 2024 was used to detect CO2 leaks emanating from the seafloor, taking advantage of the water column imaging capabilities of the 2024. The article appears on Embient's Web site.

Sea Technology Magazine Article: "High-Resolution Echosounder Survey In Villefranche Bay"

April 19, 2011

The article, "High-Resolution Echosounder Survey In Villefranche Bay", appears in the April 2011 issue of Sea Technology Magazine where the Sonic 2024 was utilized to survey Villefranche Bay in France. Géoazur Laboratory and Cadden carried out the survey. See the article in Sea Technology Magazine.

Jesper Højdal joins R2Sonic as Sr. Hydrographic Support Engineer

November 15, 2010


R2Sonic is pleased to announce Mr. Jesper Højdal has accepted contract position as Sr. Hydrographic Support Engineer.

Jesper has over 35 years of professional maritime experience and has been a Hydrographic Surveyor since 1988. After graduation with IHO Cat A Certificate from the Royal Navy Hydrographic School in Plymouth UK in 1991, Jesper became a Naval Officer, where he was Commanding Officer for Danish Hydrographic Survey Vessels in Denmark and Greenland. Jesper is currently founder and Managing Director of HydroCharting, a Survey Project Consultancy and hydrographic training and support firm.

As Sr. Hydrographic Support Engineer, Jesper will be based in Denmark and provide support for R2Sonic growing Customer base and Distributors throughout Europe. HydroCharting will continue as independent project consultancy, providing additional value to clients and vendors alike.

Jesper provides considerable knowledge and experience using a range of multibeam systems and peripheral equipment. The combined expert level capabilities and experience that both Jesper Hjdal and Charles Brennan bring to R2Sonic Support is among the highest in our Industry and builds upon our goal to provide the most compelling value to Customers in all facets of our business.

Successful Sonic Technology Forum & Oi10 Conference in London

March 12, 2010

R2Sonic Stand at Oi10 Conference.

Sonic Technology Forum.

Aspect vessel 'Remote Sensor'.

R2Sonic LLC, the leading manufacturer of innovative Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounders, held its first Sonic Technology Forum at the Club Quarters, Trafalgar Square London, UK.

Attendees from 25 different countries were present to hear a variety of guest speakers and end user presentations including:

  • eTrac Engineering, USA
  • IVS 3D, USA
  • Van Oord, Netherlands
  • Fugro Group, Netherlands
  • CT Offshore, Denmark
  • EIVA A/S, Denmark
  • De Beers Marine, South Africa
  • Harpha Sea, Slovenia
  • G.A.S s.r.l, Italy

This event not only met but exceeded our expectations for our first Sonic Technology Forum, commented Jens Steenstrup, President of R2Sonic LLC. The quality of speaker presentations, attendees, and networking opportunities made this a significant educational event for our industry.

R2Sonic would like to thank all of our guest speakers and the many attendees who helped make our first Sonic Technology Forum a great success.

The Oceanology International Conference which followed on March 9-11, was another huge success for R2Sonic. Hundreds of attendees visited the R2Sonic stand over three days of Conference to learn more about Sonic Wideband Systems and Technology.

During the Conference, Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys UK in partnership with R2Sonic, held on-the-water demonstrations using Aspects newly acquired Sonic 2024 system onboard their vessel Remote Sensor.

R2Sonic would like to give a special thanks to Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys UK for their support and professionalism during the Sonic 2024 demonstrations. We are proud to have them as our first customer in the UK.

R2Sonic Unveils New Features for Sonic Wideband Multibeam

February 26, 2010


Since début in April 2009, the Sonic Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounder Systems have received acceptance and acclaim, offering truly unique and innovative technology from a broad spectrum of users worldwide.

R2Sonic is pleased to announce yet another groundbreaking innovation with the implementation of Swath Sector Rotation (SSR™) capability to the Sonic line of Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounder systems.

The Swath Sector Rotation (SSR™) feature provides the ability for the Surveyor to use the computer's mouse cursor to change the opening angle AND, using the same mouse cursor, to rotate the concentrated beams either port or starboard within a 160° sector. As with existing capability to change the swath sector from as narrow as 10° to as broad as 160° with all beams focused in the selected sector, changes made to rotate the swath sector parameters are also instantaneous, with no data gaps resulting in no loss of survey data.

This feature allows the surveyor to easily and rapidly change the beam concentration and to take the concentrated beams, with their associated high definition, and direct them toward the feature or object they wish to map - be it vertical surface or an object on the sea floor.

In addition to this first of its kind innovation for multibeam echo sounders, R2Sonic has added roll stabilization and equi-distant mode of operation features which may also be changed on-the-fly with no loss of survey data along with an improved graphic user interface (GUI) to Sonic Wideband Multibeam systems.

The new features form an upgrade to existing systems through a simple firmware download and are incorporated in new system deliveries.

R2Sonic Worldwide Demonstrations: High Turnout & Strong Sales

November 15, 2009


From Coastal Netherlands




and Baltic Sea

Over the past months, R2Sonic and our Global Partners have had huge turnouts in Sonic Wideband Multibeam System demonstrations around the World. From Brest Harbour to Rotterdam, Genoa, Ravenna, Copenhagen, Gdynia, Cape Town to New York, Seattle to Pearl Harbor, Singapore, Tianjin, Yangtze River to Tokyo Bay and other points in between, customers around the world have been impressed with Sonic 2024 performance as demonstrated in their local environments.

Participants have included full range of Hydrographic users from major Hydrographic & Military Offices, Offshore and Dredging Contractors, Oil and Gas Companies, Telecoms, Maritime Academies, Universities and Research Organizations, Port Authorities to Engineering and Survey Companies.

The worldwide exposure has provided the unique opportunity to demonstrate Sonic 2024 high performance capabilities over vastly different complex environments and depths on many types of survey vessels of opportunity. A great variety of Sonic demos have been performed from shallow breakwater surveys, channel surveys in brackish estuarine environments, port surveys, post dredge surveys following suction dredger, pipeline free-span detection surveys to 180m depths, cable surveys, harbour surveys over rocky outcrops to surveying high slope oceanic shelf areas to 400m depths in challenging sea states.

"Participants have been particularly impressed with the Sonic 2024 overall flexibility as a survey tool over other commercially available multibeam systems" stated R2Sonic VP Sales, Cris Sabo. The combination of frequency and swath agility, simplicity of operation, reliability and high quality data output is now widely proven and translated in strong system sales to customers over five Continents. Every demonstration has been a success and global sales over past eight months since Sonic Wideband Multibeam System launch have exceeded our expectations. Customers are even trading in fully functional competitor multibeam systems with purchase of new Sonic systems. It's been remarkable to see so much interest and achieve acceptance for our products in such a short period of time.


To the South Atlantic


North Pacific


and the Yangtze...

R2Sonic Demonstrates the Sonic 2024 at U.S. Hydro 2009 Conference, Norfolk, VA

May 15, 2009


R2Sonic, in partnership with Substructure, Inc., demonstrated the Sonic 2024 Wideband Multibeam system during the U.S. Hydro 2009 Conference in Norfolk Virginia, May 12-14.

Over 90 attendees throughout the United States participated in the U.S. market debut. Over 20 individual demo outings were performed during the conference, with several groups even staying on after the conference to get hands on experience operating the Sonic 2024 system.

Participants included multiple US Army Corp of Engineer Districts, NOAA, US NAVOCEANO as well as a broad spectrum of private survey and engineering companies throughout the United States.

The Sonic 2024 was integrated with the IXSEA PHINS Inertial Navigation System and trialed using both QINSy and Hypack software. The Sonic 2024 system was mounted by Substructure, Inc. through-hull moon pool arrangement on the S/V Orion survey vessel.

During the demonstration, a survey route was set up in the Elizabeth River which included a single survey pass under the Interstate 264 highway bridge, with an up-slope shoreline pass and continued survey out into the dredge channel. When surveying under the bridge, the Sonic 2024 wide swath coverage of 160° was selected to achieve soundings high up the bridge abutment columns. A few seconds later, the swath sector was narrowed down to 30° at higher frequency to increase soundings over small scale features along the shoreline. Once in the dredge channel, the survey speed was increased to 14-15 knots with a 130-140° swath sector to demonstrate Sonic 2024 ability to obtain a solid lock on bottom over entire swath with clean productive data, even at these high survey speeds.

During a multibeam echo sounder demonstration at industry conference, its rare to have multiple clients provide purchase orders directly from the demo boat after seeing system for the first time. Yet that is what we were able to achieve, stated R2Sonic VP Sales Cris Sabo. The system really speaks for itself. When you combine state-of-the-art technology, maximum survey flexibility, with clean, reliable data to perform a variety of jobs more effectively and efficiently, clients can truly appreciate the benefits of the system and its overall value.

For additional bathymetry imagery from the Norfolk demonstration and other surveys, see our gallery page.

R2Sonic Demonstrates the Sonic 2024 at Ocean Business Southampton, U.K.

April 2, 2009


Over 100 attendees from 20 countries around the world turned out to see our next generation Sonic 2024 Wideband Multibeam Echosounder system demonstration at Ocean Business Conference in Southampton UK, March 31-April 1st. Participants included hydrographic survey companies and governmental agencies, offshore survey companies, oil company representatives, equipment distributors as well as universities, research organizations and students.

The Sonic 2024 was integrated with the Applanix POS-MV 320 m4 Inertial Navigation System, Valeport MiniSVS sound velocity probe and demonstrated using both QPS QINSy and EIVA A/S software. Participants were able to view system operation over multiple frequencies in the 200 kHz to 400 kHz frequency range, as well as swath width selections from 10° to 160°, all 'on the fly' during trial surveys. Many participants commented on the compact size, ease of use and overall flexibility of the Sonic 2024 to optimize to a wide variety of survey requirements and environments.

We wish to thank all of the attendees who participated in our demonstration and Osiris Projects UK who provided the excellent crew and demo platform aboard the S/V LIA. We wish to thank Applanix Corp, Valeport, Hemisphere GPS, QPS, and EIVA A/S for their support with ancillary systems and software.

R2Sonic Appoints New European Distributors

February 19, 2009


R2Sonic is pleased to announce the appointment of new authorized European distributors for sales and technical support of Sonic Series broadband multibeam echosounder systems.

CADDEN, in Nantes, has been appointed authorized distributor for France. Cadden specializes in high-accuracy measurement, positioning and survey systems covering a wide variety of applications from Hydrography, Oceanography, Navigation, Guidance and mobile GIS solutions. Cadden's staff includes experienced sales, support, engineering and software specialists with capabilities to provide turn-key integrated multibeam survey solutions including comprehensive training, maintenance support as well as rental equipment services.

ENAMOR, in Gdansk, has been appointed authorized distributor in Poland. ENAMOR offers a wide range of navigation, communication, ship propulsion and ship automation systems as well as specialized hydrographic and oceanographic equipment, including advanced multibeam sonar products. Enamor is well known in Poland as a superior supplier of high quality sonar solutions with a highly experienced and capable professional staff.

SEABED B.V., in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been appointed as an authorized distributor in the Benelux region. Seabed provides turn-key hydrographic and oceanographic solutions with focus in positioning, data acquisition, bathymetric survey, bottom sampling and telemetric equipment and solutions for the offshore and onshore markets.


SCANSURVEY, in Ishoej, Denmark, has been appointed authorized distributor for Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
Mr. Jesper Hoejdal, the Director of ScanSurvey, was instrumental in providing senior level hydrographic field support and training services for Reson for nearly a decade until his departure from the company in 2004. In addition to supporting our Sonic Series Broadband Multibeam systems, ScanSurvey offers associated hardware/software support, expert consultancy and training courses in hydrographic disciplines with extensive experience in all modern survey techniques.

STEMA SYSTEMS, in Geldermaulsen, the Netherlands, has been appointed as an authorized distributor in the Benelux region. Stema Systems provides specialized products and integrated hardware and software solutions for the dredging industry. While we maintain direct relationships with Global dredging companies headquartered in the region, Stema offers a well qualified convenient local source of supply with back-up systems support and maintenance capabilities.

GEOMATICS CENTRE, in Moscow, has been appointed an authorized distributor for Russia. Established in 1996, Geomatics Centre offers a wide range of quality underwater hydrographic acoustic and imaging systems with focus on the Russian offshore sector. In addition to product supply and support, Geomatics Center is the authorized Hypack survey software representative and has successfully organized Hypack workshops in Russia since 2001.

Ann Douglas Joins R2Sonic as VP of Operations

July 2, 2008

Ann Douglas

Ann T. Douglas has joined R2Sonic in the capacity as Vice President of Operations. "It is a great pleasure to join R2Sonic and, once again, work with the team that created the first portable commercial shallow water multibeam echosounder systems".

Ann has over 20 years experience in operations in domestic and multi-national corporations. Most recently, Ann was Director of Operations for Iconix Video, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced high-definition camera systems. At Iconix, Ann implemented manufacturing and inventory controls that allowed inventory values to be reduced by 27% while increasing on-time delivery performance.

Prior to Iconix, Ann spent four years as VP Operations for Reson, Inc. While at Reson, Ann was instrumental in implementing the strategic overhaul of the company's supply chain. This resulted in the delivery of standard sonar products within 3 weeks lead time, with unsurpassed product quality and shipment accuracy.

"At R2Sonic, I look forward to building operational capacity to deliver and support sonar systems deliverable with short lead times, while maintaining the highest level of quality control. The simplicity and flexibility of the Sonic sonar architecture, combined with our innovative lean manufacturing model, will allow us to efficiently scale the business to meet the objectives of delivering production sonars with short lead times and shipment accuracy that surpasses what we were able to achieve in the past".

Charles Brennan Joins R2Sonic as Chief Hydrographic Engineer

April 22, 2008

Charles Brennan

"I am very pleased to be back with the team that puts the customer first and is dedicated to customer support. I look forward to the challenge of creating and developing the support and training department to the same high standards that the R2Sonic team established under previous ventures."

Mr. Charles Brennan has joined R2Sonic in the capacity as Chief Hydrographic Engineer.

Charles has over 35 years survey experience and has served as Survey Project Manager and Senior Contract Hydrographer for some of the worlds largest offshore survey & engineering firms including Oceaneering International, Brown & Root Survey, SubSea Survey, Fugro Survey and Wimpol Ltd. UK.

For the last 10 years, Charles was the Senior Hydrographer for Reson, Inc. where he was responsible for the installation, training and support for all multibeam systems, auxiliary supplied equipment and software suites to customers throughout Asia.

More information and highlights of Charles career can be found online.

As Chief Hydrographic Engineer, Charles is responsible for the development of the support and training department at R2Sonic.

Switchable Forward Looking Option

April 14, 2008

R2Sonic is pleased to announce the incorporation of a Switchable Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) Imaging Option to the Sonic 2024 Broadband Multibeam Echosounder Systems.

When enabled, the option allows the user to easily switch from operating the Sonic 2024 in a bathymetric profiling mode which projects a narrow 1° along-track beam, to an imaging mode which projects a wide 22° vertical beam. In imaging mode the operator will see a plan view ahead of the sonar in real time.

The Switchable option can be useful for a number of different operations. As application needs change, the Sonic 2024 asset can serve multiple functions.

  • Offshore Applications: On underwater vehicles, the sonar can be mounted on a tilt table. When oriented horizontally it is used for obstacle avoidance and search.
  • When pointed downward, it is used to precisely map the ocean bottom. The underwater vehicles can range from ROV, AUV, Pipe or Cable Burial Plough, Excavator, etc.
  • Dredging Applications: Realtime control of dredging and mining operations where there's a need to scan volume in addition to making precise bottom maps.
  • Defense Applications: Harbor mapping tool in peace time, intruder and mine detection sonar in times of threat.
  • Research Applications: Volumetric mapping, behavior tracking and monitoring pelagic fish schools or marine mammals in the water column.

R2Sonic Débuts at Oceanology International

March 11-13, 2008

Oceanology Booth

R2Sonic débuted their Sonic 2024 Multibeam Echosounder at Oceanology International in London.

The fifth generation multibeam system, the Sonic 2024, generated intense interest at the show. "Having participated in many Oceanology conferences for various companies over the years, this was by far the most exciting and beneficial in which I have personally participated" stated company VP Sales, Cris Sabo. "The sheer numbers of genuinely interested potential customers that stopped by our booth to learn more about our company and the Sonic 2024 Multibeam Echosounder was absolutely remarkable. Not only did we exceeded our expectations in terms of Sonic 2024 system orders directly from the show, we also exceeded them in terms of setting up our initial distribution network and in forging new business relationships. We wish to thank the OI organizers and the many people who visited our stand for making this a huge success."

R2Sonic Launches New Broadband Multibeam Echosounder

March 10, 2008


R2Sonic, LLC, of Santa Barbara, California U.S.A., is pleased to announce the introduction of our fifth generation Sonic 2024 Broadband Multibeam Echosounder system.

With the launch of the Sonic 2024, R2Sonic sets out to redefine the multibeam market with unparallel performance and value to the customer.

The Sonic 2024 provides users maximum survey flexibility with selectable wideband frequencies from 200kHz to 400kHz from a Vessel, ROV or AUV. The advanced system architecture, with embedded processor and controller, eliminates bulky processors and interface bottles. Its low weight, volume and power requirements also make it an ideal system for incorporation to a wide variety of AUV platforms.

The focused 0.5° x 1° beamwidths, coupled with ultra high 60kHz signal bandwidth, provide unprecedented resolution over bottom features and imagery. The Sonic 2024 provides 130° horizontal swath coverage and may be provided in dual head configuration which operates at full system ping rates, enabling faster survey speeds and reducing survey time and costs.

Cris Sabo Joins R2Sonic as VP of Sales

March 3, 2008

Cris Sabo

We are very pleased to announce that Cris Sabo has joined R2Sonic as Vice President of Sales. Having more than 15 years of sales experience, Cris brings to the company his hands on knowledge of multibeam systems and experience of the maritime industry. Cris was most recently Vice President of Sales for Reson from 2001 to 2008, where he played a major role in business development in the Americas and Asia Pacific Region.

Cris is responsible for sales development of the R2Sonic line of fifth generation state of the art Multibeam Echosounder systems worldwide.

High Resolution Broadband Multibeam Systems for: